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Some Links, For Your Review

Step 1: find stuff on the internet that I find interesting. Step 2: send it to my wife via email. Step 3: proof-read that email and copy and paste it into a blog post. Step 4: Profit?

And away…we…GO!!!

1. Members of the Saturday Night Live Five-Timers club gather to welcome Justin Timberlake (via Uproxx and @joshkurp). A couple of thoughts here:

a). Not enough Elliott Gould, IMO.
b). Dan Akroyd isn’t actually in the club but he’s Dan Akroyd, so we’ll allow it.
c). The doorman is a young Conan O’Brien, and it’s clear his hair hasn’t moved since 1990.
d). Was Alec Baldwin not available?

For the record, here’s the full Five-Timers club entry on wikipedia.

2. Dana Carvey, auditioning for SNL (courtesy of youtube user Googlahummike). So funny, but so awkward. I can’t imagine performing in front of a quiet room filled with professional comedians like that. Related, but tangentially so: I think you can clearly see the beginnings of the Garth character in his impression of his brother.

UPDATE: Thanks to Tom Cairney, who informed me that Dana Carvey confirmed that Brad Carvey is the inspiration for Garth Algar (and that Brad Carvey invented the Video Toaster).

3. Craig Ferguson tells Gillian Jacobs (who was filling in for a sick Alison Brie) what he really thinks of NBC. Bonus: current video of Conan O’Brien for comparison purposes.


4. Talk about burying the lede: Jasper McLovin’s story is incredible (and this Warming Glow recap is hilarious). The local reporter tells the story from the dog’s POV (“Jasper and his boy Marshall”, “his humans”, etc.), she cuts to the chase with “I’ll say it, Jasper jumped off a cliff!”,  and oh my god is Jasper trying to kill that cat!? (Jasper McLovin is a goldendoodle [Golden Doodle?] and I wish he was my dog, because he’s pretty freaking awesome: “From here you can really tell just how far Jasper McLovin fell”…local news, FTW.)

5. Louis CK has outdone himself with this HBO promo. I can’t wait to watch his upcoming special, for which I will gladly pay  $5 directly to him when he makes it available (sorry HBO). [h/t to Vulture]

6. Curbed NY linked to two fantastic tumblr accounts yesterday: NYC Past is chock full of beautiful black and white photos of old NYC and Chicago Past follows the same theme. I spent a good 30 minutes going through both, which was time well spent.

In conclusion, The Doghouse Diaries accurately summarizes human history in Abridged History Of The World.

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Thoughts on Brandon Prust’s Return to MSG


It’s tough watching the Rangers lose a game that they easily could have won. Yes, Carey Price is an excellent goaltender and yes, Montreal consistently disrupted Rangers rushes and no, Rick Nash was not on the ice, but the Rangers did have opportunities to score that they couldn’t capitalize on. Maybe I would feel differently if Brian Boyle’s short-handed chance didn’t hit the post (and boy, was that some effort to settle the puck in close and get it up and over Price), but it was especially tough to watch the offense flounder last night.


Burying The Lede:

It was good to see Brandon Prust again last night (even if he was a plus-3 against his former team). He was just a third liner and those who bill him as the “heart and soul” of the Rangers are exaggerating quite a bit (if that feature can be said to exist in any single player, and I’m pretty sure it can’t, it would be the guy with the red “C” on his chest). Prust is just a guy who I really enjoyed watching play hockey. I’m happy he got paid, I’m sorry that his contributions to the Rangers didn’t justify that they were the ones to pay him, and I wish him nothing but success against every other team.


Lost A Step?

Brad Richards looks slow lately. I realize this is fairly subjective and that he was not the fastest skater to begin with but it was clear last Thursday that he was often trailing the play (which of course led to his benching in the third period), and I got the same impression against the Canadiens. This may be overly optimistic, but I think it’s a confidence thing. Richards’ edge lies in anticipating the play, gaining an extra step by getting in position before the other guy. This is what made him a successful point man on the power play in previous seasons, and it’s just not happening now. I think it’s reasonable to expect that a couple of good bounces that go his way might get him rolling. I worry that I may be seeing what I want to see, and that he’s actually slowing down, but I think it’s reasonable to say that we’ll have a much better idea over the next 10 games.

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Welcome to Projectable Growth

Welcome to my new project, Projectable Growth. In 2009, I started a small blog called Section 518 as a way to share my opinions on the Mets. It was a lot of fun but it ran out of steam after awhile, I think because I (mostly) limited myself to the Mets. There’s only so many ways in which you can say “they’re  doing poorly but I’m still rooting for them” before you start to sound like a broken record. And, as much as I love the Mets, I do have other interests.

So, while I’m going to pick up writing about my favorite baseball team again, I started Projectable Growth to allow for a fresh start and a broader range of topics. My goal is to post fresh material at least once a week to prove to myself that I can (I had a tendency to publish three or five posts a week for a few weeks at a time and then nothing for a month). I hope you find something of interest here, and thank you for reading.


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